What is marketing ?

The work we do to promote a service or a product

Types of marketing?

Online and offline

Online means marketing done on web

Offline means marketing done on  billboards, newspaper,magazine, Stations and palmlets 


Suresh jain


This post has been written for #CreativeCurves under #BlogOEmotion week” #Day2 .

#Day2  FEAR

Fear is a state of mind, if u accept it, it no longer is a fear.  Fear is basically  phobia of things, and u are actually  fear of something  bcoz ur not accepting  it. Once u accept n understand  the bridge between  certainty  n uncertainty, the fear doesn’t stay with u. Fear is that certain  things which is never going to happen.
For eg I had gone to Goa for water sports, being a non swimmer, I was scared to do, but everyone  insisted  me to go ahead.  The actual face of fear is when ur taken into deep sea and thrown in water,  and u go deep down inside ocean and suddenly ur gasping for oxygen, that is a fear, sometime very scary.


But once you come up again because u had floating jacket on you, and you see the surface of water and ur nose is free from water and now it is breathing again is the last stage of fear.  Now you  enjoy the life which u just got back from God. And this is the last moment  in life when u hear Fear.


Once your out of one fear, u become khatron k khiladi and want to try all sports of water.

Same thing  happened  with me, once a girl who was scared of water, and now can  do deep diving too.

about affimity

User friendly app for bloggers

Affimity. com – A platform  for people  who wants to share their feelings and their own creation  with world and get feedback as a reward. After using which is formed by group of friends who are passionate about their   interests, and wanted a better way to share them online. They  wanted a better social home for each of their  passions – a single place to learn what’s new, ask and give advice, share our photos and thoughts, follow and friend others who are similarly passionate about the same.  Affimity is the amalgamation of Passion (Affinity) and Friendship (Amity). It is a social network, reimagined as a collection of interest-specific social channels. Join only the channels that are aligned with your interests, Each channel has dedicated content – curated as well as the community buzz .
Now coming to its user friendly  nature, signing  up was super easy and fast as I just signed up using my Facebook. After that it ask you to follow your interest or people  who are related to your intrest.
Moving to browsing it gives u many  interesting topics to write like food, travel, yoga,  wellness, parenting, fashion, beauty and cure. And you can even add your own channels.



snehalata jain


My life around food n world

Food is around the world and world is running behind food. Everybody is living to taste the magic of food and run everywhere in search of good and authentic food which gives immense aura of taste n smell.

To make your life easy just run behind me I will take you to the corner n edge of the world to have the most authentic food which your have never thought off.